Transforming Miles

I’ve wanted to do this since high school.

The idea to make a beat out of the ’80s Transformers intro came to me in high school but I felt like I had zero knowhow to make it.

This is my first real beat.

I had no clue what I was doing, technically. It might show but I don’t really care. The idea has evolved from just using the intro and adding drums to chopping it up and sampling the great Miles Davis.

My personal experiences in life has helped mold my output.

I was watching “The Birth of Cool”, a Miles doc. It gave me access to a level of appreciation far deeper than I had before. I think it’s through this learning I was able to really find the balance I wanted in the overall sound.

Title: Transforming Miles

Transformers – 80s intro
Miles Davis – Blue in Green
Shakers and conga – stock Garageband

Forged in Br(ass)

winner of the #craighillwriteshome contest

Rules: take a Craighill product photo and include a supplementary narrative, in letter format. The letter is to be a pseudo-account of the product personified and it’s ordeal away from home.

Craighill Keychain, everyday carry, with leather hardware and Gerber multitool.

It’s been a good couple years since I’ve found this warm home; this may be due to the posterior situation I find myself in.

These have been both the darkest and lightest days for me. I have shed my layer of brashness but yet I find myself wedged between hard denim and sofa cushions. An image I am sure is hard to fathom but rest assured, you have fashioned me for such interesting times.

I have held strong, hanging onto the relationships made along the way. Gatekeepers, a sharp one named SOG, a multifaceted fellow named Gerber; all swinging on the pendulum of life.

I am called an Everyday Carry but yet I feel without me, everyday could not be carried.

Warm regards,
Wilson K.

More about Craighill:

Craighill is a New York-based design company that takes the everyday mundane and adds thoughtfulness and easiness to it through product design. With beautiful products that withstand the rigours that we expect from ourselves, Craighill creates hardened goods with integrity to persist where others may fail.

“Well designed products can tell a story about their creation and their potential — and by exploring those stories we hope to enrich the lives of the people we reach, and illuminate the magic of the world around us.”
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