Emotion reminds us what it means to be human.
This is why I write.

I’m Jonathan Chan-Choong, a Toronto-based copywriter and brand strategist by profession; a storyteller by craft. I ensure the visceral voice is heard and touches our essential needs.

My mission is to position purpose-driven brands in front of their ideal customers and provide solutions for a cleaner, better tomorrow.

With previous work in web design, data analysis, and SEO, I bring a sound technical base to help lead my writing. I’ve worked to power the transportation needs of tomorrow, empower leadership, and label sustainable products.

To understand what partnering with me is like, here’s a poem about the copywriting process.

Want to chat more about the creative process and copywriting? Feel free to contact me!


phone: 416.455.3610
email: j.chanchoong@gmail.com
Instagram: @jayseesee
LinkedIn: Jonathan Chan-Choong