What’s in a word?

Letters… vowels… consonants… compounds… phonetics… emotions… emotions… emotions…

That’s what got me. The emotion behind the words used. The way they sit in a sentence, next to each other, creating a melody of sound that you cannot help but ponder over. You almost feel the words moving from the speaker into your ears, processing through your brain and into your essence; raising a few hairs along the way.

Do you remember the feeling when you first completed a 100 piece puzzle by yourself? The sense of accomplishment not only from completing it but from the reaction of others looking at the beautiful final product. That’s what I do. I ensure that the words are perfectly placed to look and feel organic; the way it’s supposed to be.

Emotion reminds us what it means to be human. This is why I write.

My name is Jonathan Chan-Choong, a Vancouver-based copywriter and content marketer by trade but a poet and storyteller by craft. I ensure the visceral voice is heard and that whatever I am working on touches our essential needs.

With previous work in web design, data analysis and SEO, I bring a sound technical base to help lead the content I am writing for.

I have clear vision and direction for each project taken on, while remaining agile and dynamic. With this, I have developed projects, marketing and communication plans that resonated with the prospective audiences.

If you need a creative, collaborative, analytical and fun copywriter/creative content professional, drop me a line, email or direct message!


phone: 416.455.3610
email: j.chanchoong@gmail.com
Instagram: @jayseesee
LinkedIn: Jonathan Chan-Choong