Transforming Miles

I’ve wanted to do this since high school.

The idea to make a beat out of the ’80s Transformers intro came to me in high school but I felt like I had zero knowhow to make it.

This is my first real beat.

I had no clue what I was doing, technically. It might show but I don’t really care. The idea has evolved from just using the intro and adding drums to chopping it up and sampling the great Miles Davis.

My personal experiences in life has helped mold my output.

I was watching “The Birth of Cool”, a Miles doc. It gave me access to a level of appreciation far deeper than I had before. I think it’s through this learning I was able to really find the balance I wanted in the overall sound.

Title: Transforming Miles

Transformers – 80s intro
Miles Davis – Blue in Green
Shakers and conga – stock Garageband

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