Where do the sticky ideas stick? – a poem

Full Stop Coffee, Toronto

Some ideas stick.
Others hang on for dear life,
Clinging on with left over
Post-it residue.

Often it’s the environment that gets in the way:
A dirty wall,
Humidity and heat,
Touching the glue with oily fingers.

You dirty, dirty fingers.

Other times,
It wasn’t put on strong enough.
Without sliding your fingers along the top
To guarantee a secure seal.

When this happens,
After a couple hours, your ideas
Will gracefully flutter
To the floor.

Speaking of heat and humidity,
I like to leave my windows open when it gets hot.
Sometimes the wind blows in,
Knocking my ideas off the wall.

External forces –
Cooling to the body,
Destructive to my ideas.

Always the struggle

Some ideas stick.
Others stick sometimes.
And some were never meant to be.

The Creative Process
The Cycle of Life

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