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How to Start a Business with Limited Resources: Knowledge

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I recently met an amazing purpose-driven social media marketer named Rika Inocalla. She runs AI Agency with her partner, Marianna Afanasyev, helping marine businesses and organizations create waves for social change.

Using their marketing prowess and an “ocean health equals human health” mindfulness, they’ve built a successful social media and research marketing company.

One day out of curiosity, I was sifting through her blog and landed on this gem…

Article from: AI Agency blog

“We don’t have the resources.”

These are 5 words we dread to hear from many small businesses. Being successful in your small business doesn’t mean you need a lot of capital (to start), a formal education, or 10+ years of experience. Try shifting your perspective from what you don’t have, to asking yourself, “What does my business have, and how can I leverage that?”

To give you some ideas, we’ve created a list of resources easily accessible to anybody willing to look for them. This list is made for you to analyze and use to start creating a strategy to bring your business goals to life. If you don’t have money, education, or experience right now, don’t worry. You can still start today.

Read through this list and follow along with the steps provided alongside each resource to fully realize the assets you may not know even exist within your own company.

“Scientia potentia est” (Knowledge is power)
– Sir Francis Bacon –


Simply put, there are things you know how to do that other people don’t. A good rule to live by is approaching any situation with the understanding that the other person knows 10% of what you know. You’ve pursued different careers than other people have, you have a different combination of interests, and you’ve accumulated knowledge in a way that others haven’t.

This is something you can use to your advantage by becoming extremely self-aware of the areas that you excel in, succeed in, or naturally find easier to do than others do.

Before you do so, however, let’s talk about what knowledge isn’t:

Knowledge is not always:

Redefining knowledge looks like:

For these intents and purposes, knowledge can be:

Action Steps For You to Take:

The rest of your assets lie in partnerships, connections, technology, equipment, and your employees.

Check out the rest of AI Agency’s blog to learn more utilizing the assets you already have!

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