Be Water


Having practiced Muay Thai for the last 6 years – the martial art known as “the Art of 8 Limbs”  – I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the world around me.When we train, we teach and learn at the same time. Whether we know it or not, we are absorbing information. We hold pads and spar to practice what we have learnt and to hone in on our skills.

– Repeat into Reflex –

Life is a lot like pad holding or sparring. When we hold pads, we are practicing the routines needed to execute in a real fight situation; making each motion fluid and sharp, almost second nature. When sparring, we are applying the routines learned through pad holding but to a partner that responds, really seeing how ingrained our practice really is. In each case, it is up to us to adapt.

Even in situations that seem controlled, we must have confidence in our partners to hit on target and to control themselves. If they were to miss their target, your development is showcased in your reaction; either you react to avoid injury or resist the urge to explode, which could result in injury.

Many times in life, we get hit or derailed, not knowing what to do next but to explode in response, leaving more damage than good. By preparing for the worst, through practice, education, meditation, etc., you are able to react by the instinct of reflex, not sheer emotion. By thinking logically through the hardest of times, we can trust ourselves in all circumstances.

Learn the ebb and flow of everyday life much like the waves of a typhoon; to have the ability to destroy but also flow around objects that are unmovable. If we chose to attack all the time, we would run ourselves ragged and may destroy more than build. If we chose to defend all the time, we would not advance forward and stand still waiting to block the next hit. It is the perfect balance and unison of the two that create the beauty of life.

Once we apply this to our everyday practice, nothing will ever stop us.

As the great martial artist, Bruce Lee, once said, “Be water, my friend”.




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