A bit of broughtupsy.
a lot of curiosity.

Do More With Words.

What’s on your mind?

Make it speak to your audience. Whether you’re a medium-sized business that’s working towards a more sustainable tomorrow, or an agency helping folks get out of bed in the morning, I’m here to help.

With research-driven sales pages, ad copy, or a unique brand identity, we’ll uncover the vision and voice that talks to your consumer.

Feel free to reach out and chat about anything, from advertising to aardvarks.
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Jonathan “JCC” Chan-Choong

Wordsmith For…

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core values


Yes, that’s a made up word.
Innovation creates amazing things.


The world doesn’t stop. Let’s find the solutions of today to forge a successful future.


Caribbean for “manners”. Transparency and
open communication leads to strong partnerships.

The People have Spoken

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