Do more with words.

I’m writing for:

the businesses working towards a sustainable and equitable future.

the agencies helping folk get out of bed in the morning.

and the designers that are a (little) tongue-tied.

You’re doing the thing.
You’re doing all the things.

Your business is working towards a brighter and cleaner 🌎, planting the seeds for future generations. But you’re doing all the things – operations, comms, marketing, accounting, logistics – while still finding time to be an advocate for the causes that matter to you.

Focus on your
better, cleaner, greener vision.

I’ll worry about the words.

Let’s collaborate! Just shoot me an email!
We’ll probably chat about aardvarks and advertising.
Thanks for coming by,
Jonathan “JCC” Chan-Choong

snow covered mountain during sunrise

Powered by a connected
global community and green future.

People over profits. Cause over cash.

Wordsmith For…

core values


You don’t stop. I won’t stop.
We’re in this together now.


Adapt to a changing world.
Finding today’s solutions to forge a better future.


Caribbean for “manners”.
Transparency and respect throughout the creative process.

The People have Spoken

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