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As a marketer and copywriter, I am a storyteller that articulates your ideas and connects them to your audience. Take a look around and get to know me!

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Jonathan “JCC” Chan-Choong


What’s in a word?

Letters… vowels… consonants… compounds… phonetics… emotions… emotions… emotions…

That’s what got me. The emotion behind the words used. The way they sit in a sentence, next to each other, creating a melody of sound that you cannot help but ponder over. You almost feel the words moving from the speaker into your ears, processing through your brain and into your essence; raising a few hairs along the way.

Do you remember the feeling when you first completed a 100 piece puzzle by yourself? The sense of accomplishment not only from completing it but from the reaction of others looking at the beautiful final product. That’s what I do. I ensure that the words are perfectly placed to look and feel organic; the way it’s supposed to be.

Emotion reminds us what it means to be human. This is why I write.

My name is Jonathan Chan-Choong, a Vancouver-based copywriter and content marketer by trade but a poet and storyteller by craft. I ensure the visceral voice is heard and that whatever I am working on touches our essential needs.

With previous work in web design, data analysis and SEO, I bring a sound technical base to help lead the content I am writing for.

I have clear vision and direction for each project taken on, while remaining agile and dynamic. With this, I have developed projects, marketing and communication plans that resonated with the prospective audiences.

If you need a creative, collaborative, analytical and fun copywriter/creative content professional, drop me a line, email or direct message!


phone: 416.455.3610
Instagram: @jayseesee
LinkedIn: Jonathan Chan-Choong


Jonathan Chan-Choong Resume
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AmBig. – a podcast

AmBig., a podcast about identity, issues, and everyday happenings from the perspective of ambiguous individuals living during ambiguous times. Recorded in Vancouver.

Discover more at AmBig. Radio.

All post-production, cover art, and website design done by me.

“Jonathan has been a fantastic creative and motivational engine for our podcast. He’s very well driven, taking on the task of editing without previous experience and adapted to the challenges it brought. He’s been very proactive in our development as a group, organising our recordings and seeking opportunities to better our production value.”

– Harry Green, Co-Host

“I’m glad to have Jon in the driver’s seat of our podcast. He researched and learnt what tools to use… with just basic equipment. I’m glad to have him handling the editing, applying his strong creativity. Jon has been doing the heavy lifting [with our marketing], managing online presence, written content, graphics, etc.”

– Marcos Moreno, Co-Host

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