Founded in 1934, BrettYoung’s mission hasn’t changed much. They’re still solving the problems of the modern farmer with agricultural innovation and a healthy-dose of Canadian work ethic.

Subcontracted by Luminate Communications.

“Jonathan has exceeded my expectation from day one. He always goes above and beyond a project brief to understand the client’s need and how to best convey [it] to their target audience.
Talented, professional and efficient, he is always a pleasure to work with.”

– Deborah Evans, Owner of Luminate communications –

Develop brochure copy to be used at hiring and career fairs throughout the Canadian Prairies. Must be attractive and emotionally focussed rather than technical.

Longtime collaborator, Luminate Communications, approached me to support with the development of this employment brochure.

Putting all the technical industry knowledge in the backseat, I emphasized narrative and BrettYoung’s deep Canadian roots. I then incorporated the reader, making them a character in the greater brand story – envisioning a future as a part of this Canadian tradition.

Employment Brochure

Note: I designed this mock-up. This is to serve as a visual representation and NOT the finalized brochure.