S.M.I.L.E. – 1-Step to Happiness

“A-mazeing Laughter” sculptures – English Bay, Vancouver

A smile is the ultimate outward sign of joy.

We smile at weddings. We smile when a baby’s born. We smile with our friends and family. We smile when we land the dream job. We smile for various reasons and occasions.

It’s amazing how a simple change in oral curvature can create such a change in energy in yourself and the others around you. Just try it out (and I mean right now while you’re reading this).

It acknowledges your existence and others around you. The overwhelming flow of energy that can’t be contained within is then expressed and exchanged with others.

The ultimate sacrifice is also the ultimate reward.

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls that can make this innate behaviour difficult to execute. It’s in these times we need to smile the most and be the most encouraging. Life is a compilation of never-ending lessons and each is a blessing, regardless of how tumultuous. When you smile, you’re overcoming hardship and also being a role model for others around; whether they know you or not.

Let’s all make a point to smile as much as we can, from the moment we wake up. Look in that mirror, with bed head and crust in your eyes, and smile.

Stay passionate.

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Head Dawn – a poem

How to Listen with Night Vision
If I wake up and the sun disappeared, is it morning?/
If the blinds refuse to open, I still refuse to be blind/
If the gun doesn’t pop, I will continue to run and not be left behind/
I am different than a mile ago, hell I am different from 2 steps ago/
I am an enigma with my identity changing which ever way I go/
I may not always know the path and the map may be scrunched up/
But no matter where I go, it always seems to be my damn luck/
Where I find my way and lose it, find love and amuse it, find drugs and abuse it, find a bomb with the fuse lit/
I was ready to die. I was ready to live/
Ready to dive. Ready to give/
If the deep end is empty and you jump head first, and you arrive dead first, but I gotta stay a G so they pull up the red Hearse/
Well what’s worse?/
Parent’s tears’ burst. My boys dying of thirst. My woman not caring what’s in her damn purse/
Cuz the love is now gone but not from love lost, but from love removed/
Love vanished not consumed…/
These choices, this confusion/
These voices, this illusion/
My choice is…/
My voice is…/
Neither confused or an illusion/
To not know, is meant for inward abusing/
Which hurts them all from outward pursuing/
If I lost my diamond, there’s another one in the rough/
This one’s bigger, stronger, harder and been through enough/
Fortified through pressure and polished to the perfect buff/
To glimmer is nice, but the lustre will go/
The structure will stay regardless of the road/
My next revolution is one-up and better/
Never heated even in a thousand degree weather/
As I remind myself this, I burnt this letter/

How to Grow Everyday: Take a Chance

“If you haven’t learnt anything today, you have failed the day”

This is something I live by every single day of my life. Whether I am taking classes or learning that I really really really don’t like bitter melon (karela for my Guyanese family), I’m learning and growing.

I’ll offer this to you. If we didn’t take a chance to walk when we were children, we would still be crawling. If we didn’t take a chance to try a new sport, we wouldn’t have professional leagues. If I didn’t perform poetry that very first time, I wouldn’t have realized what my passion is and how it impacts individuals.

Taking chances results in growth. Let’s take a chance and make history.