Look. I don’t do ads often. Check out my portfolio… it’s just not the reason people come to me.

But I do do* them. On my spare time, when I’m not staring at clouds and writing poetry, I’m creating what I’d love to see in the adworld.

So here’s me doo-dooing* some ads.

*Show me someone who doesn’t like a good 💩 joke and I’ll show you a badger recite Shakespeare.

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to pick up old interests and new hobbies. Often, it would be in the form of instruments that they played in their yesteryears.

How can we appeal to this rekindled interest, introduce folk to affordable options, and debunk any stigma around used instruments?

Billboard OOH


Describe the heritage, ruggedness, and preparedness found in a pair of Blundstones.

Oliver Jewellery

Reimagine a new headline for an aged advertising campaign – I chose the Toronto classic, Oliver Jewellery’s “The Cash Man”.

spec ad for oliver jewellery - lost receipt
spec ad for oliver jewellery - sell it

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