Head Dawn – a poem

How to Listen with Night Vision
If I wake up and the sun disappeared, is it morning?/
If the blinds refuse to open, I still refuse to be blind/
If the gun doesn’t pop, I will continue to run and not be left behind/
I am different than a mile ago, hell I am different from 2 steps ago/
I am an enigma with my identity changing which ever way I go/
I may not always know the path and the map may be scrunched up/
But no matter where I go, it always seems to be my damn luck/
Where I find my way and lose it, find love and amuse it, find drugs and abuse it, find a bomb with the fuse lit/
I was ready to die. I was ready to live/
Ready to dive. Ready to give/
If the deep end is empty and you jump head first, and you arrive dead first, but I gotta stay a G so they pull up the red Hearse/
Well what’s worse?/
Parent’s tears’ burst. My boys dying of thirst. My woman not caring what’s in her damn purse/
Cuz the love is now gone but not from love lost, but from love removed/
Love vanished not consumed…/
These choices, this confusion/
These voices, this illusion/
My choice is…/
My voice is…/
Neither confused or an illusion/
To not know, is meant for inward abusing/
Which hurts them all from outward pursuing/
If I lost my diamond, there’s another one in the rough/
This one’s bigger, stronger, harder and been through enough/
Fortified through pressure and polished to the perfect buff/
To glimmer is nice, but the lustre will go/
The structure will stay regardless of the road/
My next revolution is one-up and better/
Never heated even in a thousand degree weather/
As I remind myself this, I burnt this letter/

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